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Locations we Work

Spotless operates across the whole of the UK. We have offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, LiverpoolBirmingham, Cambridge, Bristol, Southhampton, Cardiff, Belfast, and more.

With over 30 years of experience, our dedicated teams operate across North Scotland, East Scotland, West Scotland, North East England, North West England, Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands, East Anglia, South East England, South West England, London, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Led by skilled managers and supported by expert staff, we transform businesses with our thorough and responsive cleaning solutions. Join a community of satisfied clients – contact us today to experience the Spotless difference.

Our extensive workforce surpasses 2000 employees nationwide, with a management team numbering around 75. The strategic placement of local account managers throughout the UK ensures agile and expert service delivery. This approach proves particularly advantageous for our national clients, who appreciate the consistent quality we provide across all their locations. Ready to tackle expansions and diverse service needs, we stand prepared to meet every challenge.

Our operational scope extends across a variety of premises types, covering offices, industrial sites, factories, medical facilities, educational institutions, logistics and warehousing, retail spaces, and beyond. With a commitment to versatility, our dedicated teams bring tailored solutions to each distinct setting. From maintaining pristine office environments to ensuring the hygiene and safety of industrial and medical facilities, our comprehensive approach addresses the unique needs of diverse sectors. Educational institutions benefit from our services, promoting a clean and conducive learning environment. In logistics and warehousing, we contribute to efficient operations through meticulous cleanliness. Retail spaces receive specialised care to enhance customer experiences. Our adaptability across various premises reflects a commitment to excellence, meeting the specific demands of each industry while upholding high standards of cleanliness and functionality.