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Cleaning Services for Surgeries, Dental, and Medical Practices


The cleanliness of surgeries directly impacts the well-being of patients, staff, and visitors. A clean surgery not only fosters a positive healing environment but also combats the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Our approach to cleaning surgeries centres on comprehending your unique needs, streamlining work patterns, and conducting rigorous Health and Safety assessments. Our aim is to build trust with your staff and uphold a clean, safe enviroment for everyone.

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Key Cleaning Services for Surgeries


Everyday Hygiene

Beyond terminal cleaning, surgeries need daily hygiene

maintenance to ensure a clean and hygienic space for

patients, staff, and visitors. Regular tasks such as

dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitising high-

touch surfaces are vital for preventing dust, dirt,

and germs accumulation, ensuring a safe surgery


Periodic Deep Cleaning

Regular deep cleaning complements daily efforts. It

encompasses a detailed cleaning of hard-to-reach

spots, corners, and surfaces. Tasks include equipment

backs, air vent disinfection, and wall and floor

sanitisation. Deep cleaning enhances surgery

cleanliness and comfort.

Window Clarity

Clean windows enhance the surgery's calming

atmosphere. Our specialised window cleaning tackles dirt,

dust, and smudges on interior and exterior windows. Clear

windows allow natural light to brighten the space, fostering

a better experience for patients and staff.


Waste Management

Surgical settings generate various medical wastes

requiring proper disposal. Our comprehensive waste

management adheres to regulations, ensuring safe

medical waste disposal. Adequate waste

management prevents infections and upholds

environmental responsibility.

Restroom and Common

Area Sanitisation

Maintaining hygienic restrooms and common areas is

vital for patients, staff, and visitors. Frequent cleaning

and disinfection reflect the surgery's hygiene

commitment, fostering a positive patient experience.

Carpet and Upholstery


Carpets and upholstery can harbour contaminants. Our

specialised cleaning services eliminate allergens and

maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for all.


Why Choose Spotless for Surgery Cleaning?


Healthcare Compliance

Our cleaning processes align with Care Quality

Commission (CQC) guidelines, ensuring your

surgery meets all required standards.

Understanding Needs

We assess your surgery's requirements and budget,

developing a tailored cleaning plan that suits your

unique needs.

Efficient Cleaning

We optimise cleaning schedules based on peak hours

and high-traffic areas to enhance efficiency without disruption.


Health and Safety

We prioritise safety with comprehensive Health

and Safety assessments to minimise risks and

ensure a safe surgery environment.

Building Trust

Our experienced team builds trust with your surgery

staff, fostering a collaborative approach to maintaining


Quality Assurance

Monthly scoring and feedback assessments ensure

consistent quality and continuous improvement.


Spotless delivers exceptional surgery cleaning solutions. Experience the difference a spotless surgery can make by getting in touch today.