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Our Values and Culture at Spotless



Our Purpose: We'll Look After You

At Spotless, our purpose is rooted in caring for our people, and that includes our clients. Our commitment to the growth and well-being of our team members is key to ensuring they're equipped to deliver exceptional service.



Our Vision: Be a Part of Our Journey

Join us on a journey that not only uplifts our team but also enhances the experience we offer to you. At Spotless, we consider you an integral part of this journey. Your partnership fuels our commitment to innovation, excellence, and meaningful impact.



Our Values: Trust, Support, Respect



Trust is the foundation of all our relationships, including the one we share with our clients. Our culture of accountability and ownership ensures that we deliver on our promises, openly discuss any issues, and learn from them. We uphold our commitment to transparency, integrity, and reliability, fostering trust in all our interactions.


 Supporting our team members translates into an enhanced experience for you. Our culture of collaboration and empathy means our team is empowered to ask for and offer help when needed. We recognise that strong relationships are the core of our business, and our commitment to support our colleaugues shines through.


Our respect for diversity and inclusion extends to our interactions with clients. Just as we treat our team with respect, we treat our clients with the same consideration. We create an atmosphere of inclusivity, from onboarding to arriving at your site, our colleaugies prioritise respectful communication, which reflects in their interactions with you.



Staff are the Key

We understand that valuing our staff translates into excellent service for you. Our commitment to individual well-being empowers our team to provide exceptional care. Our approach includes:


Personal Connections

 Our managers forge personal connections with our

team, creating a strong sense of community. This

translates into a more connected and dedicated

team that serves you better.


Fair Treatment

Fairness is a core value, ensuring that everyone

knows their rights and experiences fair treatment.

This principle guides our interactions with you as

well, ensuring that your needs and concerns are

treated with respect.


Training and Empowerment

 Through training and empowerment, we equip our

team to handle diverse challenges. This translates

into a workforce that's prepared to tackle your

specific cleaning needs effectively and efficiently.


Support System

 Our mental health first aiders and external support

ensure that our team is equipped to handle their

personal challenges, leading to a more focused

and attentive service for you.


Our recognition initiatives create a sense of pride

and commitment in our teams. Recognised and

valued employees are motivated to go above and


Growth Opportunities

Our commitment to career progression means we

have a team that's motivated and invested in their

roles, leading to better service and continuous

improvement. Many of our account managers and

senior team joined as cleaning operatives and have

quickly progressed through the ranks.




Diversity and Inclusion

Our diverse team is a strength that enhances the quality of service we offer. Our commitment to diversity reflects in:


Diverse Nationalities

Our diverse team brings a global perspective to

our service, ensuring that we're adaptable and

considerate of different needs and cultures.


Gender Diversity

 Our emphasis on gender equality translates into

an inclusive approach that respects and values

the diversity of our people. This is evident in

our gender pay gap reporting.


Local Empowerment

Our focus on local employment ensures that

our team understands the unique needs of

your community, providing a tailored and

relevant service.


Community Engagement

 By engaging with schools, colleges, and local

authorities, we're fostering a sense of community

and connection. This naturally extends to our

interactions with you, creating a sense of

partnership and collaboration.

Continuous Progress

 Our commitment to creating apprenticeships, once

approved, means that we're nurturing new talent

that can infuse fresh ideas and energy into our

service to you.

Structured Training

By providing structured training to all employees,

we ensure that our team is equipped with the skills

and knowledge needed to serve you at the highest

level of quality.



At Spotless, we have been looking after people and premises since 1988. Get in touch today to see how we can look after your business.