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Order Washroom Consumables with Spotless

Managing washroom consumables can be a time-consuming chore for your team. The constant juggle of restocking toilet tissue, hand towels, and soap can divert focus from your core operations. We understand your challenges and are here to offer a solution that not only simplifies but enhances your washroom experience.

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Effortless Consumables Management

Our dedicated cleaning experts vigilantly monitor washroom supplies, ensuring your facilities are never lacking essentials. When stocks run low, we swiftly place orders at pre-agreed prices, ensuring uninterrupted availability. This means you can concentrate on your business while we ensure your washrooms are consistently well-stocked.

Guided by Experts

Selecting the right consumables for your washroom is key. Our seasoned team provides expert recommendations tailored to your needs. Whether it's the perfect type of toilet tissue, ideal hand towel, or a suitable soap dispenser, we guide you toward choices that ensure efficiency, comfort, and cost-effectiveness.

Green Choices for a Brighter Future

Our commitment to sustainability reflects in our eco-friendly washroom consumables range. From biodegradable paper towels and toilet tissues to chemical-free hand soaps, we prioritize environmentally conscious choices. We even offer energy-efficient hand dryers that minimize paper waste. With our eco-friendly options, you actively contribute to a healthier planet without compromising hygiene.



A Glimpse:

Toilet Tissue:

 Traditional Rolls, Jumbo Rolls, Loose Leaf Rolls. 

Hand Towels: 

Recycled Paper Towels, Soft White Towels, Blue Single Ply Towels.


Bar Soap, Wall-Mounted Gel or Foam Dispensers, Free-Standing Dispensers.

Bin Liners and Rubbish Sacks:

 High-Quality Bin Liners, Thicker Sacks.

Hand Sanitisation Gel:

 Free Standing or Wall-Mounted Hand Gel, 70%+ Alcohol Content.

Urinal Blocks:

 Deodorizing Urinal Blocks.

Air Fresheners:

Gel Based Air Fresheners, Automatic Air Fresheners, Aerosol Spray Fresheners.

Kitchen Essentials: 

Dishwasher Powder, Dishwasher Salt, Washing Up Liquid, General Paper Products.


Cost-Efficient Solutions 

Benefit from our purchasing power, offering unbeatable prices for washroom consumables. Beyond essentials, we offer waste bins, air fresheners, urinal blocks, and more. Our customised solutions save you time and money, tailored to your workspace's unique requirements.

Simplify with Spotless

From product guidance to hassle-free restocking, we've got your washroom consumables covered. Our competitive prices and extensive range simplify your office upkeep, ensuring hygiene remains top-notch. Trust us to simplify your office life while maintaining top-tier cleanliness.

Embrace Smart Solutions

Experience the future of washrooms with our technological offerings. Smart soap dispensers, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers equipped with advanced sensors and tracking systems streamline maintenance. Enjoy touchless, germ-free options that ensure your facilities are consistently well-stocked and hygienic.


Let us take care of your washroom consumables – a cleaner, more convenient washroom experience awaits.

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