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Being stuck with a cleaning company that underperforms is no fun.

Poor management, slow responses, poor cleaning standards – these are all a drag you can do without.

Busy office managers, facilities managers and finance managers want a service they can just rely on so they can get on with their own ever increasing demands.

Cleaning can be problematic, but with Spotless you can leave us to manage the COSHH, foreign worker permits, lone worker issues, eco-credentials, quality assessments and the many other facets of our work.

Which means you can get on with your own work throughout the user journey, integrating online and offline datasets across devices to create a holistic view. Identify which campaigns drive the most engagement.

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    Arrange a one-to-one call - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd
    8 Reasons why over 1,000 offices throughout the UK love working with Spotless, from Inverness to Southampton

    8 Reasons why over 1,000 offices throughout the UK love working with Spotless, from Inverness to Southampton

    1. Positive and friendly approach to cleaning staff
    2. Friendly, central Helpdesk, always on hand
    3. Motivated Managers who care
    4. Transparent Pricing Model
    5. Eco-friendly cleaning product range
    6. Full package of add-on services
    7. All work delivered by in-house Spotless cleaning staff
    8. Over 30 years in business
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    We get it…. Changing cleaning companies is a chore

    But we want to make it as easy as we can. And even enjoyable. We want you to know that we’ve got all the angles covered and properly considered.

    When you switch to Spotless, you’ll get clear communication, properly trained cleaners, motivated managers, a friendly helpdesk, real time portal reporting and robust Health and Safety processes.

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    A friendly help desk and real time portal reporting at Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

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