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I’m a broken chair, get me outta here

Every office has invisible rubbish. It’s there but we don’t see it!

Why? Because it’s been there so long we fail to register it.

It comprises items such as the broken swivel chair, the boxes of out of date leaflets, the old microwave that was replaced for a better model, a desk top printer that was superseded by a brand new central printer.

And that’s without including the obsolete bits and pieces hidden from view in cupboards. Out of date promotional materials and purchase orders from six years ago, old letter headed paper, kettles that don’t work and broken binders and banner stands.

If you pay a not unreasonable sum of £20 per sq ft for office space, this rubbish is costing you money as it’s taking up valuable space. Plus it creates a sense of stagnation and negative energy.

So what can you do? Call Spotless or email us  and ask for a price to remove it.

We’ll take care of it by responsibly recycling anything we can. Paper and cardboard are easy to recycle, while electrical equipment has to be dealt with correctly. Anything with metal in it can be stripped down and re-used. Some charities may take the furniture from us and repair what they can.

And the best thing is, you free up space to be used for a better purpose. So let your New Year’s resolution be to clear out the old unwanted and unused rubbish and give your office a fresh start so we can all  have a productive and prosperous New Year!