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Range of Hygiene Rental Services


Discover the power of hygiene rental services in creating a safe and inviting work environment. From hygiene units to hand dryers, these services offer a range of options that contribute to a cleaner, healthier workspace. We're here to guide you through the essentials, ensuring you understand our range of solutions and the benefits we can provide your business.

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Navigating Hygiene Rental Services

Hygiene rental services are designed to enhance your existing cleaning routines, creating a more hygienic workplace. The convenience factor is a game-changer – contracts are flexible, allowing adjustments with just a month's notice.


The Offerings and Their Value


Hygiene Units

An essential component of maintaining workplace hygiene, these units are your reliable partner. Our experts are by your side to help you select the right size, collection frequency, and type – whether hands-free pedal-operated units or space-saving slim-fit options. We also provide the flexibility to choose between liner replacement and unit replacement, tailoring the service to your needs.

Vending Units

Boost convenience with vending units that bring everyday essentials closer. These machines offer personal care items and more, making life easier for larger teams or spaces with limited access to shops.

Air Freshener Systems

The importance of a refreshing washroom environment cannot be understated. Our air freshener systems, chosen with care, infuse freshness into the air, helping to create a positive workplace.

Floor and Door Mats 

Mats for the floor and door stop the spread of any dirt that enters the premises. We offer a wide selection of sizes and colours with the additional option of branding them with your company logo.

Hand Dryer Units 

We also can supply some of the smartest hand dryers available. Handryers can ensure that workplaces with high amounts of traffic can reduce their waste and keep their washroom tidy. In addition, installing them can also be cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Urinal Systems

We can change your current urinal system to a waterless urninal system, which can save you water and is more enviromentally friendly. We also offer urinal mats, urinal blocks, and urinal sanitiser which will compliment this.


Insights and Tips on Hygiene Services


Embrace Touchless Solutions

Prioritise safety with touchless solutions that curb the spread of germs. Hands-free dispensers provide a hygienic touch, elevating the overall safety of your space.

Tailored Solutions for Compact Spaces

Even smaller spaces deserve meticulous hygiene care. Our compact hygiene units are designed to fit seamlessly, ensuring no corner is overlooked. Ideal for small bathrooms.

Consider Proximity to Shops

Balancing convenience and necessity, on-site dispensers have their merits. Consider the proximity of nearby shops and align your choices accordingly.

Embrace Eco-Friendly Practices

Eco-friendly hygiene rental services align with your values. From biodegradable units to energy-efficient systems, these services reflect your commitment to a greener workspace.


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