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Expert Cleaning Services in Aberdeen


Since 1988, our roots in Edinburgh have expanded nationwide, and we are proud to provide our expert services to businesses in Aberdeen. From the bustling city centre to the industrial estates in Altens, we understand the pivotal role a clean environment plays in shaping your business's reputation and ensuring the well-being of your workforce, clients, and visitors. Spotless' Managing Director Nicola Barbour, proudly oversees the operational team in Aberdeen and has provided exceptional services to many long-standing clientele.


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Spotless Expert Commercial Cleaning Services in Aberdeen. Townhouse and Union Street Aberdeen, Scotland.

Our Contract Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Specialised services to rejuvenate and refresh carpets in professional spaces, contributing to a clean and inviting atmosphere in your premises.

Deep Cleaning

Meticulous and thorough cleaning services targeting even the most challenging and neglected areas. Our services guarantee a comprehensive sanitisation process and practices that adhere to the highest health and safety regulations and standards.

High-Level Cleaning

Tailored cleaning services for warehouses and buildings with high ceilings and difficult-to-reach areas. We employ specialised high-level reaching equipment for effective and safe periodic cleaning.

Washroom Consumables

Spotless can provide essential washroom consumables to maintain a hygienic and well-equipped washroom environment through our dedicated consumables team. Our offerings include standard consumables, luxury options, and eco-friendly/sustainable alternatives.

IT Equipment Cleaning

Specialised cleaning services for the sanitation and maintenance of IT equipment, ensuring optimal functionality, increased equipment life expectancy, and cleanliness for the health and wellbeing of users.

Hygiene Rental

Utilise our rental services for various hygiene equipment and products, ensuring a clean and safe washroom space that enhances the experience for employees, potential customers, and guests on your premises.

Window Cleaning

Our comprehensive services are dedicated to ensuring pristine and sparkling windows. Our tailored assessments determine the frequency of window cleans based on your specific needs – whether daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Waste Management and Recycling

Partnering with our sister company, Brightwaste, we provide waste management and recycling services committed to sustainable business practices, eco-friendly initiatives, and environmental consciousness.


Spotless Expert Commercial Cleaning Services in Aberdeen. Aberdeen Harbour with logistics sites, Scotland.

Why Choose Spotless for Contract Cleaning in Aberdeen?

37 Years of Cleaning Experience

Spotless has over three decades of experience in the cleaning industry. Nicola Barbour has worked for many years at Spotless and worked up the ranks to become our managing director, she understands cleaning operations intimately. This lets her provide fantastic support to our clients with a real grasp of their cleaning needs,

Customised Solutions and Cutting-Edge Technology

Recognising that each business is unique, our services are designed to address specific industry requirements. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment, including robotics and eco-friendly products, to achieve superior results.

Reliable Cleaning Service Delivery

Understanding the importance of reliability in the business world, Spotless ensures a punctual and dependable workforce that works diligently to meet your cleaning schedule, allowing you to focus on the success of your business.

Sustainable Cleaning and Business Practices

As a carbon-neutral accredited organisation, choosing Spotless actively contributes to your net-zero score and establishes a partnership for a greener and more sustainable Aberdeen.