They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we’re all human. And the truth is, everyone is judging your business on its reception area. It’s the face of your business and often the first thing a visitor to your workspace sees. Even if they don’t know it, they’ll definitely be forming an opinion on your company whilst they wait for their appointment – and that opinion will be based on their surroundings. Mucky carpets, chaotic counters and lingering lunch smells are just some of the oversights which could get your next meeting off on the wrong foot and cost you custom.

Making your reception area inviting helps to ensure that your business makes a positive first impression on visiting contacts and clients, as well as customers and prospective employees. If your reception interior is in need of a spruce up, we’ve come up with four ways to keep it looking its best…

1. Make room

Clutter makes the world of difference in the way your space feels. Nobody likes clutter and it can make it incredibly hard to focus. A cramped space reflects negatively on your company, it indicates that your space is limited, and it makes your business look disorganised. Not many small and medium sized businesses have the budget for a large and elegant waiting area, but there are still some steps you can take to make your reception feel larger:

  • Tackle the clutter – If your current reception area doubles up as a storage space for stationery, files and other business paraphernalia, find somewhere else for them or consider a concealed solution for these materials.
  • Minimise magazines – A few business-appropriate publications can show that your company has its finger on the pulse and distract your customers while they wait, but take care not to cover your reception in magazines. All you need is a small, regularly refreshed collection.
  • Cut the counter – If your space is small consider getting rid of the reception desk and opting for a mounted tablet where guests can check in.
  • Finetune furniture – Minimise and streamline furniture for your reception area. Your guests, hopefully, won’t spend a huge amount of time waiting for their appointment, so downsize reception furniture to a few sleek, simple chairs in order to make more space.

2. Keep it smelling fresh

If your space is open plan, you won’t be able to stop workplace smells like tupperware lunches and coffee from reaching reception. Wherever possible, these smells in your reception area should be reduced, as research shows that scents can heavily influence a visitor’s first impression of a company. Do not allow employees or visitors to consume food in the reception area or close by. If you can try to have a designated closed off area for the consumption of food and allow your employees to go out for lunch if they don’t want to use that area.  Consider an essential oil burner, or reed scent diffusers to keep your reception smelling pleasant. A few simple screens might also protect your entrance space, and provide some privacy for your staff.

3. Concentrate on flooring

It’s likely that your reception area will receive a high level of footfall. Your staff will be walking through it daily, probably multiple times, to get to their desks – and then there’s the multiple client and customer visits too. This will mean that your reception carpet or flooring needs more frequent hoovering, sweeping or mopping. Install a bootscraper and effective doormat at your entrance to minimise mud and debris affecting your reception area and consider more frequent floorcare in this space. If you’re having a re-vamp, we’d definitely recommend some stylish hard floors rather than carpet. It’s easier to keep clean and has a more professional look.

4. Add some extras

A small area for waste and recycling are essential features in a reception space. These additions will ensure visitors can dispose of their rubbish conveniently – without leaving waste around your premises. To enhance the comfort of your guests in your waiting area, you could also choose to install a cool water dispenser.

It’s essential that you set up a regular cleaning rota that gives your reception space extra attention. Spotless delivers exceptional office cleaning services nationally and can advise on the ideal cleaning routine for your reception area.

If you’d like to talk to us to take the worry out of office cleaning for you, give us a call today.