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Window Cleaning

The right window Cleaning programme for your building
Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning often slips under the radar in terms of cost and importance.

Sometimes a window cleaner is simply appointed and quietly goes about their regular visit for years and years.

Of course, nothing wrong with this if it works, but we would always seek to challenge the following:

  • Is the appropriate frequency in place? Do you really need 4 weekly cleaning? Or 8 weekly? A combination of frequencies is often the best outcome.
  • Check the method. Is Reach and Wash in place where appropriate?
  • Is correct licensing and insurance in place?
  • Is your company part-liable if a window cleaner fell?
  • Is the cost in need of benchmarking?

We work with hard working, task focussed window cleaners, who are smartly turned out and not too chatty!

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