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Spotless Cleaning Comments on the Increase in the National Living Wage and its Impact on Low Paid Staff


Cleaner - tend to be paid National Living Wage - Spotless Commercial Cleaning

Spotless Commercial Cleaning, which has its head office in Edinburgh, employs 1200 cleaning staff across the UK. The company’s founder and CEO Roger Green comments on the increase in The National Living Wage (NLW) being introduced on 1st April 2017 and what it means to his business.

“The National Living Wage (based on earnings rather than the cost-of-living) became compulsory nationwide last year (April 2016) for over 24 year olds and has been very beneficial for low skilled staff. The basic idea is that these are the minimum pay rates needed to let workers lead a decent life.

“If you’re an employer, you need to make sure you’re paying your staff correctly and we strongly support the NLW as it leads to better motivated and more loyal staff. The latest increase takes it from £7.20 per hour to £7.50, representing an annual increase of 4.16%. It applies to all staff aged 25 upwards, there are lesser rates for 21-24 year olds who qualify for the national minimum wage, but we do not seek to profit from paying younger workers less money so we will pay all our staff the NLW regardless of their age.

“I am often asked how do you motivate low paid staff, when market forces dictate their salaries? Our goal at Spotless is keeping our cleaning staff engaged and on board. Our clients want great cleaners who will stay for years. And it’s good for us as an employer. Our cleaning employees stay with us for an average of 3.8 years and managers for 8 years. We always aim to be a great employer. Cleaners chat on buses, and they compare notes. It’s actually a great recruitment ground. We want our staff to say ’Yes, you should work at Spotless, they’re good to their staff’.”

So what do we do at Spotless that makes us different and helps to motivate our staff? Here are five tips for keeping and motivating low paid staff.

1. Let them ‘feel the love’

The temptation among cleaning companies is to view their staff as commodities. But when you show warmth and appreciation to them, it changes everything.

Cleaning staff have been used to being treated as a number, with a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude by their employers. So when they are treated with respect and courtesy, they’ll immediately respond in kind.

2. Give recognition and reward

Three Directors in Spotless were originally cleaning staff, but came through the ranks to take charge of multi-million pound divisions.

Cleaning staff often get unfairly blamed when things go wrong, and quickly berated for poor cleaning standards, but rarely praised when they do a good job.

3. Show gratitude

4. Consistency is important

5. Don’t let them down

The cleaning industry has progressed a long way in the last 20 years in terms of Employment Law and Health and Safety. But have we progressed as far in our motivation and management of staff?

Those companies that embrace these values positively will discover that having people who work with pride and passion is a powerful, new differentiator.

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For further information or high resolution photography please contact Sheila Kennedy on 07906 178234, email sheilake@hotmail.com or visit the Spotless Commercial Cleaning website.
Roger Green can be contacted for comment on 07778 626247.

Notes to Editors

1. The National Living Wage (NLW) of £7.50 relates to hourly pay excluding overtime and shift premium pay. Employees in the first year of an apprenticeship are not entitled to the £7.50 hourly rate.

2. Roger Green, set up Spotless Commercial Cleaning (based in Musselburgh) in 1989 while still at university, where he studied Swedish and Metaphysics. The company provides a daily cleaning service for all types of commercial buildings, such as offices, factories, shops, hotels and schools. He has grown the business to an £12 million turnover company employing 1200 staff with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and London. He also has business interests with Brightwater Services Ltd, licensed water suppliers and Brightwaste Office Recycling.