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Office Professional Office Cleaning in Cardiff


We clean offices throughout the city of Cardiff. Our daily cleaning services are all self-delivered and managed by Simon Jones. We clean offices nationally for businesses in the area, including a well-known building society.


Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Our cleaning services in Cardiff cover all aspects of maintaining a clean and professional environment:


Daily Office Cleaning

Regular cleaning to ensure a pristine workspace.

Carpet Cleaning

Specialised carpet cleaning to keep your office looking fresh.

Deep Cleaning

We provide scheduled deep cleaning for areas that accumulate long-term dirt over time.

High-Level Cleaning

Safe cleaning of high ceilings and difficult-to-reach areas.

Washroom Consumables and Hygiene Rental

Supply of essential and eco-friendly washroom products.

IT Equipment and Workstation Cleaning

Sanitising and maintaining office IT equipment for optimal performance. Ensuring your workstations are germ-free.

Window Cleaning

We offer window cleaning at customisable schedules and can cater to a range of different premises.


Why Choose Spotless for Office Cleaning in Cardiff?

With over 36 years of experience, Spotless offers reliable, customised office cleaning services in Cardiff. We use state-of-the-art equipment and our advanced solutions delivers measurable improvement and tangible benefits. Our carbon-neutral accreditation underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility,


Contact Spotless today for expert office cleaning in Cardiff and ensure your workspace remains clean, professional, and welcoming.