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Commercial cleaning

Spotless Commercial Cleaning works with some of the UK’s largest companies. Our typical clients have 10 to 1,000 employees and require professional, reliable cleaning services for their offices on a daily basis.

Washroom Consumables

You probably don’t want to be bothered with remembering to order washroom supplies. Ordering toilet tissue, hand towels and soap is an additional chore for your office staff that you can easily pass to us.

Hygiene Rental Services

Hygiene rental services are a minefield of complex choice and virtually inescapable contract terms.

Recycling Services

Do you know your ratio of Recycled Waste to General Waste? Do you have a target?

IT cleaning

Keyboards and phones are massive sources of bacteria and cross contamination.

Carpet care

All carpets need maintenance. Depending on traffic and usage you might like a regular pre-planned programme, or a simple re-active service on request.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning often slips under the radar in terms of cost and importance.

High level cleaning

Working at height is a health and Safety minefield, but it’s something we enjoy.

Deep cleaning

Like High Level Cleaning, there is the perennial requirement for a deep clean or spring clean of your premises.

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