5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“We are happy with our cleaning services we had a few issues when we moved to our new premises but with the help of Barbara we have now sorted everything out.”

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“Friendly yet unobstructive while doing a good standard of work.”

Providing clients in Yorkshire with long-term peace of mind since 1988


Is your cleaning company letting you down?

When cleaning companies operate well, your life is so much easier. You know you can rely on quick response, fair pricing, friendly service and thorough checking.

But when these things don’t happen, you end up spending your time chasing for a better service. You have too many other things to do, and you certainly don’t want people in your office complaining to you that their bin hasn’t been emptied.

In choosing Spotless, we want our service to reflect well on you. We want other people to approve of your decision, and we want to let you get on with your other tasks.

We are a one-stop shop. Cleaning is our key service, but we also provide commercial office cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, IT Cleaning, as well as washroom services and waste management.

We clean commercial premises anywhere in the UK - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

Need a Quote?

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  2. We’ll call you to understand your needs
  3. We’ll visit, ask some questions and put together a quotation document
  4. If you like what you see, set a date for us to start

5 reasons why people love working with Spotless

  1. Easy to deal with
  2. Quick response times
  3. Motivated Managers who care
  4. Eco-friendly cleaning product range
  5. Monthly Quality Audit Score for all customers

About Our Leeds and Yorkshire operation

We have a solid presence in Yorkshire, especially in Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield.

The team is headed by Jenni McIntosh and supported by Violetta and Terri, with expert guidance and direction from Managing Director, Nicola Barbour.

We visit our sites regularly and maintain good relations with all clients.

We service national and local companies, looking after the hub of a well known travel giant, many recruitment firms, legal firms, financial institutions as well as many serviced office buildings.

If you are seeking professional commercial office cleaning or other cleaning services across Leeds, Yorkshire, Bradford and Sheffield, contact our friendly team today.

Regional office: 66-68 Roseville Road, Leeds, LS8 5DR

Our Yorkshire team

Shellie Gulland - Business Development Manager - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd - East of Scotland
Shellie Gulland

Business Development Manager

Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd staff profile placeholder
Jenni McIntosh

Senior Account Manager

Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd staff profile placeholder
Terri Stones

Account Manager

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Fill in the form above, or call us on 0330 094 7733, or email us on [email protected].

Whether you need to reduce costs, improve service, or benchmark your existing supplier, we’re here to help.

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