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Office cleaning

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Have you lost trust in your cleaning company? Have the cleaners or the management lost their way, and failing to respond to your needs?

Spotless wants to help put right the frustrations you may be feeling. We want to help you receive a service that you can rely on, and enjoy.

How to get a quotation

Fill in the form above, or call us on 0330 094 7733 and we’ll put you in touch with the correct person. Ideally we need to see the premises, but in this current climate, we can also do the quote blind or via FaceTime. We have about 30 questions to ask and that will help us put together a fully specified quotation.

This will have links to independent reviews, to our insurance details, and of course a transparent full breakdown of costs.

Our only minimum requirement is that you require a minimum of 7.5 hrs per week.

Who are Spotless?

We are family owned, and established in 1988. We employ 1,500 cleaning staff, managed by approx 50 managers, from Inverness to Southampton. We cover the whole of the UK, in pretty much every sector.

Whatever we do, we put your business at the centre of our service.

We tend to promote from within the company. Our two joint Managing Directors were both cleaners at Spotless, and now oversee a £16m portfolio of clients.

Treating the cleaners well

This is our main thing. Cleaning staff just want to be respected and treated well. Yes, we like to pay the Real Living Wage whenever we can, but more importantly we like to make sure the cleaners are treated respectfully.

When we take on a new contract, we usually TUPE over the old staff. Quite often they have been neglected and their performance has gone downhill.

We welcome all new staff warmly, and re-train them. Nine times out of ten, this immediately improves the cleaning performance. If not, then we manage the situation accordingly.

We love it when staff stay for years and years. It’s great for us, and it’s great for you. And it’s great for improved security.

Contact Us

Fill in the form above, or call us on 0330 094 7733, or email us on hereforyou@spotlessclean.co.uk.

Whether you need to reduce costs, improve service, or benchmark your existing supplier, we’re here to help.

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