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Why Cleaning Companies must raise their game

All cleaning companies, even the best, will need to raise their game in the post lockdown era.

Suddenly, cleaning is going to be near the top of every Office Manager and Facility Manager’s agenda.

They will want to know with confidence that their cleaning company can respond in a way that will meet the new expectations.

Any cleaning company that fails to address these key points will soon lose out to the ones that have planned ahead and responded best.

Here is the Spotless 10 point plan being cascaded to our 50 Managers from Inverness to Southampton, and then on to our 1,600 staff as they return to work.


1. Social distancing for cleaning staff

We will enable and enforce social distancing among our own cleaning staff (and our 15 head office staff, too). The 2m rule will apply. Staff will minimise sharing of equipment. Hand washing to occur before and after each shift. Start times may be staggered.


2. Focus on Supply chain

We will manage our supply chain to be able to provide items that you might need (eg chemicals, PPE, soaps). We want to avoid the issues we all had in mid-March.


3. Managing Presenteeism

Our staff will be instructed in very clear terms that they must not attend work if they feel at all unwell, at the risk of Disciplinary action. Likewise, please tell us if you have a suspected case at work.


4. Review of PPE

We will follow government advice on suitable PPE for normal daily cleaning, especially the use of face masks for cleaners.


5. Colour Coding

We will re-assert the importance of colour coding, to minimise cross contamination of germs and any trace of virus.


6. Adapt the Specification

We are not necessarily seeking extra hours – just to re-prioritise the tasks we do. On top of our standard daily anti-bacterial cleaning, we will introduce weekly anti-viral cleaning for touch points at no extra cost, along with the appropriate COSHH. We know too that financial budgets may have changed, or you may have less people at work. Tell us what you want, and we’ll work with you.


7. Post Lockdown Cleans

We recommend letting the cleaning staff come back 2 days (3 if you can afford it) before you re-open your workplace. This will help get surfaces, kitchens and toilets back to a good standard.


8. Manual Sterilisations and Fogging Cleans

On request, we can price for an in depth manual sterilisation clean or better still, electrostatic fogging cleans with a virucidal spray. We especially recommend this if you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID19. We have the appropriate PPE (hazmat suits, goggles etc) and will use disposable cloths and mopheads.


9. Specialist IT Cleaning

We recommend specialist monthly cleaning of IT equipment and phones. Certainly the cleaning staff can fog them daily with our Innuscience product, and this will keep bacteria at bay, but a thorough monthly clean is also recommended.


10. Provision of wall mounted hand sanitisation points

If you don’t already have them, we can help get these placed around your workplace in strategic places.