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What is Your Cleaning Productivity Rate? The Cleaning Nerd Explains

What is your cleaning productivity? The cleaning nerd explains

In the current financial climate, we acknowledge that for business it is important to save money where you can. After the global pandemic there is a balance between saving money where we can but ensuring our cleaning is of a high standard for everyone to feel safe in the workplace. A business in 2023 must not only feel safe, but also look presentable for a freshly opened physical business world. So, to aid businesses in this, we have written this blog to talk to you about your cleaning productivity rate. As a business you’ll want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your cleaning costs, especially if you are hiring an external company to handle it.


Calculating Your Cleaning Productivity Rate

While you’ll want to ensure you are not overpaying for services, you also do not want to pay too little and not get the cleaning services you need. As an example, let’s use an average professional office that has toilets and a kitchen for calculating a rate. A high spec client who demands the highest of standards may require a productivity of 1,500 sq ft per hour. A cost-conscious client who wants the basics done could expect the whole 5,000 sq ft in one hour only. We would say that on average the cleaning productivity rate is around 2,500 sq ft per hour (230 sq m). So, if your office is 5,000 sq ft, most likely your cleaner should be doing 2 hours per day, 5 days per week. At £16 per hour. As an average charge out, you should be paying £160 per week.


Things that Affect Your Cleaning Productivity Rate

It is important to note that cleaning productivity rate varies wildly on several factors such as:

  • Industry/Sector of the Business

  • Size of the Business Premises

  • Location of the Business

  • Number of Staff

  • Duties of Staff

  • Client Expectations


These can all greatly affect your overall productivity rate. Do you have windows that need cleaned on a regular basis? Do you have a large volume of staff coming through the business? Does your clientele regularly visit the site? Or if your premises is next to a body of water there’s more likelihood of pests. These are all things that your cleaning provider should be advising you of, to allow you to make the most informed decision of your cleaning productivity rate.


How to Improve Your Productivity Rate

Here are some examples of how to ensure your costs are lowered and your cleaning productivity is improved:


Having all Your Cleaning Services Under One Roof

A lot of businesses can waste time and resources having multiple suppliers for their cleaning services. Having one supplier for all your cleaning not only allows you to get services at competitive rates, but also means that management of your services is one company, one contact, and one invoice. For example, we provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services:


Self-Managing Basic Cleaning Tasks

While you should not expect your staff to clean the toilets or wash the floors, there are some basic cleaning tasks that they can complete. This means that you can save on time-related charges from your appointed cleaning company as the cleaning operative will get the core cleaning tasks done more quickly and efficiently. For your own staff, these tasks can be as simple as putting their used crockery in the dishwasher, or ensuring that personal rubbish (e.g. lunch packaging) is being put into the correct bins instead of left around the office.


Installing Centralised Bin Systems

A centralised bin system is already quickly becoming the norm in modern office spaces. These bin systems help staff to correctly dispose of waste in their office correctly. This is because the collection of bins separates general waste from segmented recycling bins. This saves on cost of suppliers having to organise your waste, and not having desk bins saves on time related charges. We can provide waste disposal services through our sister company Brightwaste Services Ltd.


Here at Spotless, we believe that it is important to be transparent with our clients, this ensures that they obtain the highest cleaning productivity rates. By working with them, we can ensure that cleaning services are customised to their business needs, so they are not overcharged. Get in contact with us today to discuss the cleaning service that is perfect for your business.