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Strangest Things Found in the Washroom: Life of a Cleaning Op

Life of a Spotless Cleaning Operative


When you have been cleaning commercial properties for almost 35 years, you come across a lot of funny stories from your staff. Our cleaning operatives have worked all over the UK. Some of them having been with us for over a decade, or even longer! We asked them all what the strangest things they have ever found when cleaning the washroom, here are some of the answers that gave us a good laugh or puzzled us to no end!



Found in the Washroom on the Toilet Seat: A Potato

“ I usually find all sorts in the washroom after hours and don’t raise an eyebrow. I was still quite surprised to find a singular potato on a toilet seat. Wasn’t cooked or anything, just a large raw baking potato sitting there. After knocking it with my broom handle could safely say was just a normal potato. I mentioned it to the front desk staff who were equally puzzled, we all had a good laugh. I returned for my shift a week later, no potatoes that time, and the front desk staff said no one had an explanation or admitted their involvement in the office. Guess it will remain a mystery!”

-Spotless Cleaner based in Edinburgh


Discovered in the Washroom Sink: Plastic Babies

“I went to one of the offices I’ve cleaned for many years, and I was shocked to find the sink filled with plastic babies! Luckily the office staff had left a note for me on the sink to explain their sudden appearance. ‘Hi (my name) sorry for the babies but we are playing a prank on (their managers name) and none of us had time in the morning to set it up! We have hidden her gift under all the babies. Hope that is okay!’ I did have a wee giggle, as their manager had mentioned to me she was pregnant. I made sure to do my usual cleaning and that the babies were put back in place with the present box hidden. I couldn’t wait to hear about her reaction the next day shift I was in!’

-Spotless Cleaner based in Liverpool


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Found in the Washroom Cubicle: A Buffet

“When the toilet door was shut, I could see the crumbs trailing into it. Not a big deal, you would be surprised how often people head to the loo with something they are munching. However, when I opened the cubicle there was half a tray of sandwiches on the seat! Furthermore, there were full slices of chocolate cake left untouched on paper plates on the floor. I was quite puzzled. I knew they had a small buffet in the office for a celebration but was surprised to find so much of the food in the washroom! Still left wondering who decided to picnic in a toilet cubicle…”

-Spotless Cleaner based in Newcastle


Lying on the Washroom Floor: A Sleeping Employee

“I would like to note that I am quite a scaredy cat, and when I came in for my early Saturday morning cleaning shift in the office, I heard low growling noises, and almost ran away! I cautiously walked around and discovered the noise was coming from their washroom. Carefully, I opened the door and discovered that what I was hearing was…snoring? When looking into the washroom I found some poor bloke asleep sitting on the floor. He was still in his Christmas night get up! I checked he was alright and not injured before gently trying to wake him up. He did wake up, and was embarrassed when he realised where he was.  I told him not to worry, this would be our secret, and to get himself back hame for a proper rest!’

-Spotless Cleaner based in Glasgow


These are some of the strangest things we have found in the washroom! We are proud of our cleaning operatives for handling all these situations with professionalism, kindness, and a good sense of humour! We have clients in many different industries, who all have varying needs and quirks. Our cleaning operatives are no different. Some are parents needing a flexible job, or semi-retired people looking for work that suits their lifestyle. They are a cleaner, colleague, and friend, rolled all in one for our clients! Hope that you enjoyed Cleaner Confessions, hope you look forward to the next blog! What is the strangest thing you have found in the washroom? We would love to hear over on our social.


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