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Spotless staff inspired by Scotland’s greatest living explorer

Craig Mathieson, Scotland’s greatest living polar explorer, spoke at a special event held for Spotless staff in Edinburgh on 21st September.

Craig shared his incredible experiences with an audience made up of Spotless employees and employees from its sister companies Brightwater and Brightwaste/ACE Recycling, together with customers and suppliers. The ‘Spotless Inspires’ talk held at the Apex Grassmarket Hotel challenged the audience at the event to extend their horizons, embrace new opportunities and dare to dream of achievements that may have seemed impossible before.

Craig gave a personal account of his inspiring story, how he realised his dream to journey to the South Pole and how he helps others achieve the impossible. Over the years he has been lucky enough to be involved with many major Polar Expeditions, both to the Antarctic and Arctic. Taking the lessons learned from his time on the ice, nothing gives him greater pleasure than to share his experiences.

Spotless CEO Roger Green explains: “Craig is one of the best speakers I have ever seen. He decided aged 12 that he wanted to trek to the South Pole. As an adult he fulfilled his ambition. How he did it, and what he went on to do is an amazing story and one I wanted to share with my employees and their families. I believe in creating work environments where people can contribute and be rewarded for what they do. I empower my staff by recognising good performance and encouraging them to grow and develop at every opportunity to fulfil their full potential. Three directors of the company were formerly cleaners and have risen to senior management positions. Craig is an inspiring example of someone who has made the most of every opportunity. His story and wealth of experience of doing things simply because you can, encourages those who hear him to believe in their own ability to conquer their goals. Craig has a simple philosophy ‘if you think you can, you can’ and it’s one I want to encourage my employees to embrace.”

Craig is one of only 12 polar explorers in the world to have skied to both the south and north poles. He is the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s Explorer in residence and heads up the Polar Academy charity which takes a group of young people to the Arctic each year. He is one of the few authentic adventurers of our time and is also one of the best inspirational speakers around.

Spotless is delighted to support The Polar Academy, a charity which Craig founded in 2014. For more information visit the  Polar Academy website.