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Spotless Spotlight: Jenna Currie Helpdesk Manager Interview

Spotless Spotlight Interview with Helpdesk Manager Jenna Currie


Welcome to our first feature of Spotless Spotlight! We are creating a series of blogs to share the stories of the amazing people that work for us. Our first interview has been with Jenna Currie the Helpdesk Manager that is based at Spotless Head office. A lovely and bubbly member of the team, here is her story so far in Spotless…


Tip: You can find Jenna Currie on LinkedIn!


Q: Tell me a little bit about your career to date…

“Before I had ever worked in an office, I started working in retail at sixteen. My very first job was at Toys R Us, you could say it was a rite of passage! After I left school, I got a position at the Midlothian and East Lothian Chambers of Commerce doing events co-ordination. Still have no idea why they hired me, maybe I was the only one who applied? ha-ha. Afterwards, I worked for a managed office space company. I didn’t really enjoy the monotony of the role. I then saw an advertisement to work at Spotless. I had such a good time working for Spotless. After three years, I left to try something new. After a couple of jobs, nothing was the right fit. I returned to Spotless as a Helpdesk co-ordinator. Last year I was made Helpdesk manager, I still can’t quite believe it!”


Q: Tell me about the job you do as Helpdesk Manager at Spotless…

“I currently manage a team of four girls who are a nice bunch to work with. We are the central hub of Spotless, most communications come through us. Whether it’s external customers, internal customers, potential customers, or our staff- we ensure they get who and what they need. Since Spotless have managers across the UK, we have become an essential communication co-ordinating them with clients. Sometimes Managers work alternative hours, with us here a client will always get someone to help them. We also handle an emergency number for clients too, so we are an essential contact for them. We look after the car fleet, key customers accounts, client reports, assisting managers with their day-to-day work, we are relied on by almost every area of the business. We are the wee heart of Spotless.”


Q: What is your favourite part of your job?

“I just love that everyday is different here. There is always something new at Spotless, it is something me and the CEO Carron Henley always laugh about when something comes up that never has before and we tackle it head on.  Spotless as a business is good at all coming together to handle problems, so I always feel support from everyone. Another big reason I love my job is the people that I work with. The biggest reason I came back was to see them all again, as we had all kept in touch over the years.”


Q: Any fun or memorable moments you can recall while at Spotless?

“The staff parties are some of my best memories. We always have great parties and in our first office, and I remember having so much fun at our Halloween and Christmas celebrations. We unfortunately had to stop everything when Covid hit, but we were so happy to get to celebrate together last year. I’m sure we will have many more in the future!”


Q: Do you believe that working for Spotless benefits your life?

“I would not be the person I am today without Spotless. I had a lot of mentoring from our CEO Carron even from when I first started, she was working in credit control at the time. Roger Green our chairman and founder was always keen to promote internally within the company. Carron was promoted all the way to CEO, and our Managing Director Nicola Barbour worked all the way up from a cleaning position! I benefited from the nurturing and friendly office environment at Spotless, I truly believe it has led to me succeeding in the role that I am in now. Coming back to Spotless was like coming back to an old friend, and I am so happy I have found my people here.”


We hope that you enjoyed our very first Spotless Spotlight! Jenna was an absolute delight to interview, we feel so proud to have her on the Spotless Team. Our teams across the UK have been able to work efficiently together and with clients, the hard work of Jenna and the Helpdesk team have been a massive part of this. Let us know if you enjoyed our interview on social media.