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Spotless Spotlight Interview with Laurie Scott Finance Director


Spotless Spotlight Interview with Laurie Scott, Finance Director


Welcome to our Spotless Spotlight Interview! Today, we're delving into the career journey of Laurie Scott, our Finance Director. From his early days as an office junior to his current role as Finance Director, Laurie is known for his dedication, resilience, and passion for finance. This interview highlights the professional milestones that have shaped Laurie's remarkable tenure at Spotless.


Can you tell us a little bit about your career journey so far?


"Absolutely! My career journey began when I left school at 16. I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to work in an office environment. This led me to take on an office junior position at a small accountancy firm in Edinburgh. I passed my administration qualifications and must have impressed someone because when one of the junior accountants left, they asked me if I wanted to learn accountancy. I was interested, so I said yes. I worked on my professional accountancy qualifications there.

The small firm was eventually bought by a larger accountancy firm, and I spent 15 years there. I passed my qualifications and reached a point where job satisfaction was lacking. So, I decided to move into finance roles within companies rather than external accountancy. I moved to a small startup in Edinburgh as a financial controller and worked there for three years before moving to Spotless in the same role. After a year and a half, I was promoted to Finance Director, a position I've held for about another year and a half."


Can you describe your current role at Spotless?


"As Finance Director, I'm in charge of all things finance. My main tasks include monitoring the company's performance, profit levels, and cash flow to ensure we have enough money in the bank and are meeting our financial targets. I also work with the broader leadership team to align our financial strategies with the company's long-term goals."


What do you enjoy most about your job?


"One of the parts I enjoy about my job is seeing the tangible impact of my decisions on the company's success. In addition, I also appreciate the company culture and how it aligns with my values. Treating staff well and fostering a team-oriented environment is very important to me and adds to my job enjoyment."


Can you share any memorable moments from your time at Spotless?


"The most memorable moment was being promoted to Finance Director. It was a proud and somewhat surreal moment for me. It felt like a long-deserved recognition of my hard work and commitment."


Do you believe working at Spotless has benefited your life?


"Definitely. Having a job you enjoy and that aligns with your values is crucial for a happy life. Spotless offers a good work-life balance, which is especially important to me with two young kids at home. The company’s flexibility and supportive culture have made a significant positive impact on my life."


Laurie's time at Spotless has made such an impact on the company. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence and his genuine enthusiasm for supporting his colleagues, he has excelled as one of the essential leaders of the Spotless team.