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Spotless and COVID19

Please see below some FAQ’s to clarify our standpoint and assistance on COVID19 and how it will affect us all.


Q. Can Spotless provide special cleans in the event of a confirmed case or for preventative cleans?

A. Yes, we have 2 internal teams and we have 2 approved subcontractors, and this gives us UK coverage.


Q. Can you provide Method Statements and Risk Assessments for these cleans?

A. Yes. On request. The preferred method is electrostatic fog that’s 100% environmentally friendly. We apply a non-toxic, non-irritant, environmentally friendly disinfectant barrier using an electrostatic sprayer. The disinfectant is effective against Coronavirus, Norovirus, E.coli, MRSA, Salmonella, HN1 and other harmful bacteria & viruses. It is safe to use on all surfaces including electronics, soft furnishings and paper. All operatives will have correct PPE.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. We estimate £150 per 1000 sq ft., where a minimum charge of £500 applies. Areas can be re-entered 2 hrs after treatment. Travelling time or hotel accommodation charges may apply, but only genuinely necessary.


Q. What is Spotless’ availability and lead-in time?

A. We are presently working on a 3 working day turnaround, but this may change if the outbreak gathers pace. In the event of a confirmed case, a 72 hr minimum lead in applies, to reduce risk of infection to operatives.


Q. Are Spotless monitoring the movement of our own staff incoming from a Category 1 or 2 location, or if they have been in contact with someone who has returned from these areas?

A. Yes, this is in place. Managers are requesting details from any member of staff taking holidays, or any member of staff who is new to us. We are also asking all employees to stay at home if they develop flu-like symptoms.


Q. Will Spotless inform the client of an ‘at risk’ employee, above?

A. Yes. Plus they will be self-isolating for the required period of time.


Q. Will normal charges apply if an employee is self-isolating due to them being at risk?

A. Depending on the circumstances and an internal Risk Assessment, we may require to pay the employee and charge or part-charge accordingly, as per Terms and Conditions.


Q. What happens if a client reports a confirmed case to Spotless from within their own staff?

A. We recommend the following sequence:

Q. Why should the place of work be closed for 2 weeks?

A. Because the confirmed patient will have had contact with several other colleagues before diagnosis, and by returning to work after the electrostatic fogging, there is high likelihood of other members of staff being infected but not yet showing symptoms.


Q. What happens if a Spotless client insists in re-opening within 2 weeks?

A. Of course, this is a call for each place of work, but our Duty of Care towards our own staff requires us to withdraw service while there may be COVID19 carriers in the work space, subject to individual Risk Assessment, given the risk of death.


Q. What will Spotless offices do if they have a confirmed case among their own office workers?

A. We have enabled homeworking in isolation for all 20 Spotless head office workers so we can operate business as usual.


Q. What is the Spotless contingency plans in terms of providing a service should multiple staff fall unwell?

A. In the event of multiple Spotless staff being unavailable for work due to self-isolation or diagnosis, but where the place of work is deemed safe, we would provide an intermittent service on 2-3 days per week using cover staff and Managers where reasonable.


In the event of an ‘Italy-style’ quarantine event, we would anticipate that all cleaning may be suspended and force majeure would apply.

The above may change as new government advice is released.

Please feel free to put forward any other questions and we shall respond accordingly.