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Proud to be a Net Zero Company

Spotless Commercial Cleaning couldn’t be prouder to be a carbon neutral organisation.

Net zero is of vital importance. Climate change is fast becoming a crisis and the only way we can tackle it is if every country, every sector and every industry works together to find ways to cut the earth’s carbon emissions.

Before long we will all be measuring the carbon impact of all our suppliers, as a Scope 3 emissions category. If Spotless is your supplier, you can rest easy that we are not impacting your supply chain footprint. Instead, we are enhancing it.

What we do as a collective over the next 10 years is absolutely critical to the future of us all.

So, we worked hard to achieve our net zero status, because we wanted to do our part. And now we’ve put together a little guide to try and encourage other companies to do the same.

Let us help put you on the path to carbon neutrality.

Many companies are thinking about committing to achieving Net Zero status, as shown by the UN Race to Zero campaign. But although many have declared this intention, finding your way through the details to a practical and robust corporate strategy to achieving your goal can be challenging.

We want to provide you with a practical step by step guide, because we really are running out of time and need to act now.


We need to more than halve the earth’s carbon emissions by 2030. That’s the equivalent to reducing the current emissions of India, China, the US and the EU combined.  We need to do everything we can to achieve this goal as effectively and as quickly as we can.


In order to become a net zero company, you need to:


The Carbon Trust are able to help you to understand your current carbon emissions and to identify quick ways to reduce it. There are also many tools that help you to self-assess and better understand your carbon footprint. Helping to raise awareness and understanding is also an important step in creating change.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) will help you to set appropriate targets that will meet the criteria for becoming a net zero company, but it takes time to go through the process and settle on the right targets. Don’t wait until your targets have been agreed before you take action, do what you can to reduce your emissions in the meantime.

There are some things that you can do to reduce your emissions quickly, and every step counts. Make carbon emissions a focus in your company, talk to your employees, inspire minds and drive innovation. Consider offering incentives for staff members who actively work to reduce your carbon footprint, both as individuals and through inventive projects. Source as much of the energy that you need from renewable sources. Engage your entire team in making instant reductions and as well as developing plans for systemic change.

Take responsibility today and try to offset your current emissions at the same time as putting plans in place for reduction. ClimateCare can help you with this, through high-quality carbon reduction projects that improve lives and tackle climate change.

Investing in new carbon reduction projects now will help you to plan and manage price and supply of carbon credits to compensate for future emissions. The UK population is increasingly believing that it should be made a legal responsibility for businesses to act on climate change. Given this, it’s actually just good business sense to work towards becoming a net zero company.  Achieving this status will be attractive to customers and may see them choosing your company over another.

As part of your plan to reduce emissions, why not choose a carbon neutral cleaning service for your offices? If you’d like to talk this through, then please contact a member of the team today..