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Meet Hobot: The Window Cleaning Helper


As the world becomes more automated and innovative, it’s no surprise that robotics has now found its way into the world of commercial cleaning. We have been in the industry for over 36 years and always place ourselves at the forefront of progression in our industry. We have recently been trialling the Hobot window cleaner to see how it can help our cleaning operatives. So meet Hobot, the window cleaning helper!


What is a Hobot?

Hobot window cleaner is a robotic window cleaner that is engineered to keep your internal window glass sparkling clean. It is lightweight, portable, and simple to operate, making it ideal for both domestic and commercial cleaning purposes. The cleaner’s smart design enables it to work on numerous types of glass surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning internal windows, mirrors, and other glass structures. Hobot is a modern, efficient, and innovative tool that simplifies the window cleaning process.


Using Robotics in Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning robots have become increasingly sophisticated and efficient, rendering mundane and repetitive cleaning tasks more streamlined and less difficult for human workers. For example, scrubbing floors in a large premise is often a task that requires many hours of work. With the use of robotic floor scrubbers, the task is automated, allowing for a cleaning operative to perform other tasks at the same time. Hobot has analysed through data that while the majority use of window cleaning robots is domestic there has been a sharp increase from 2021 onwards in the use of them for commercial premises.


Will This Impact the Future of the Cleaning Industry?

The rapid growth of robotics in commercial cleaning is a tremendous asset to the industry. Robots offer several benefits, including the reduction of labour-intensive work, mitigating human injury, improving cleaning effectiveness, guaranteeing consistent results, and increasing operational efficiency. As automated cleaning technology becomes more sophisticated and cost-effective, we can expect to see more buildings, facilities, and organisations leveraging it to improve their operations and services. Michel Sprujit from Brain Corp Europe, an AI software company, wrote an article about the future of robotics in the cleaning industry. He said that while there were concerns over job loss to robots, they provided support to an industry that had an exceptional increase in labour demand after covid. He sees a future where cleaning operatives will be able to focus on higher-priority tasks while robotics can support them in daily office cleaning.


We owe our current success to our colleagues and our culture of innovation. We are always excited to see and trial emerging technologies that can support our cleaning operatives in their roles, and ensure our clients receive the highest quality level of service.  Here at Spotless we provide a wide range of cleaning services for a variety of industries, so feel free to get in touch with us today.