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How to Clean an Office Properly: The Spotless Guide

How to clean an office properly Spotless Guide


An office or workplace is the physical heart of your business, and to keep it in tip top condition you need to clean your office properly. Clean workspaces not only contribute to better physical health; but also improve the mental wellbeing of office users. In addition, good housekeeping also means that visiting customers or business associates think positively of your business. Would you work with (or purchase at) a business that was dusty, had dirty facilities and disorganised and cluttered surroundings? Most likely you would be uncomfortable and would not want to do business. Cleaning is sometimes the last thing when there are so many other objectives, so here is our following guide how to clean your office properly for the right first impression.


Our Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning may be a small part of your world, but it’s a big part of ours. We offer a range of cleaning services across the UK so you can focus on what matters most, your business. With Spotless Cleaning you have one company, one contact, one invoice- one call sorts it all!

Here are some of the following services that we can provide:


Hiring a professional company means that your office will be cleaned properly and to a high standard. Daily cleans especially will ensure every step is taken to make sure you are always ready for business.


Starting at the Entrance: Cleaning Windows and Doorways

If the inside of the office is the physical heart of your business, then we would argue that your front door is your face. Dirty windows, a mucky front door, and rubbish outside will make a terrible first impression. It is essential to invest in regular window cleaning services, especially if you have several windows at your property. Daily cleaning will ensure the front door and entranceway is always clean and presentable to everyone visiting the business. If you have any waste or old equipment outside your premises, it can be unsightly and hard to get rid of. Organising a one-time pick-up service, such as the one our sister company Brightwaste provides, will ensure that any eyesores are properly and responsibly taken care of.


Cleaning Carpets and Floors

Unlike our homes, our businesses usually have a large amount of footfall daily. This leads to unmanageable dirt and grime beneath our feet. Again, we would recommend professional services for cleaning your carpets and floors. The scrubber dryer machines that our cleaning operatives use remove dirt from tiled floors, linoleum floors, polished concrete floors, PVC, terrazzo flooring and more. In addition, they can cover larger areas in a shorter amount of time. They also have training in handling professional grade carpet cleaning machines. These machines bring your carpets back to life with deep cleaning and tackling even the most stubborn dirt.


Cleaning Desks and Chairs

When working in an office-based role, we usually spend most of our time at our desks. With around seven or more hours working on average-we often work, chat, eat, and sometimes even exercise at our desks! We spend a third of our day, five days a week there- it should have some daily TLC. Our cleaning operatives can come after hours and like magic your space is sparkling clean the very next day. Desks and chairs that have been covered with ink, food, and potentially germs all day are best given a thorough clean more often, especially as the number of the people returning to the office grows.


Cleaning Computers and IT Equipment

IT equipment such as computers, phones, printers, etc.  are key touch points and pick up germs from constant use. In addition, dust and other micro dirt is dangerous for your equipment’s health; this is why technology factories keep their products in extremely controlled sterile environments before they are package sealed. These machines need a cleaning operative who understands the correct equipment to use, the necessary specialised cleaning solutions, and a delicate touch. The go-to methods of harsh brushing, using large dusters or a wet cloth will damage them, and will be costly for the business to replace.


Cleaning Washrooms

Washrooms are one of the most unpleasant places to clean when at home. It is arguably an even more uncomfortable task to clean washrooms in public spaces. While staff members may be passionate to support their company, you wouldn’t task them to clean the toilet. Washrooms can build up hazardous substances so need to be kept clean for the sake of everyone’s health, which is why a cleaning operative is so essential for this task. Our operatives would ensure the washrooms are cleaned to a high standard, using the appropriate chemicals and equipment to create a safe environment. It is essential, using industry approved methods, to clean cisterns, flushes, seats, and bowl of toilet, correctly, in the right sequence, and with the right materials.


Cleaning the Office Kitchen

The office kitchen is much dirtier than some of us might think. According to a study conducted on general hygiene in office spaces, they concluded that the office kitchen is less hygienic that the office bathrooms.

Tea bag containers, the fridge, hot water taps, countertops, and used cups and glasses were said on average to have as much as 17x more bacteria than the toilet seat!

In a busy office environment it can be hard for staff to keep up with cleaning.  This allows for a potentially dangerous build up of bacteria. By hiring one of our operatives, your kitchen can be sanitised to a high standard. Key tasks include disinfecting all work tops, cupboard handles, other key touch points, front of cabinets, inside fridge and microwave and ensuring that all crockery and cutlery is put away neatly, and clean.


Disposing and Recycling Waste

As businesses we all have a social responsibility to dispose of waste correctly and sustainably. Commercial waste can be costly to dispose of properly and you can be fined if certain processes are not followed. We can provide waste management services from our sister company Brightwaste Services Ltd. By hiring their services, you remain fully compliant with legal and environmental legislation. Not only will your office be cleaner, but your corporate social responsibility will also improve, as you recycle more and stream more waste at source. With skilled teams and environmental partnerships, your commercial waste removals will be carried out in an environmentally friendly way.


The Finishing Touches

Finally, when your business premises are sparkling clean, you can then add some personal touches to beautify your space. Office décor will help everyone feels comfortable and welcome into your space. Snacknation have an insightful blog on 36 Office Décor Ideas For Work To Revamp Your Corporate Design In 2023 that details some great ideas to make your office inspirational and beautiful. We agree that adding things like nice artwork and fresh flowers will be good for your business image.


We hope that our blog has inspired you to take the steps to properly clean your office, and in turn make your workplace a positive and beautiful place to be.