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How Spotless gives cleaning quotations, and why

If you’re reading this, you are probably either looking for a quotation or have agreed to receive one from us.

We want to make the process as simple as possible, but with the accuracy and detail to reflect your needs.

The process boils down to two simple elements: firstly, a Q&A session over the phone with a sales executive who will ask approximately 30 quick questions, and secondly, a visit from a local manager.

Before that however, we like to do our homework. We like to understand what sector you’re in, what contracts we have locally and who else we clean in your sector.

Where possible, we’ll mention these companies to you and you can easily contact them for feedback on our services.

We also like to research your square feet of occupied space. This is a key factor for us in knowing how many hours of cleaning you will require.


Understanding your needs

Next stage is for us to call you to go through approximately 30 questions. Firstly generic questions:


And lastly, any additional and optional requirements, such as:


This Q&A process will take 15-30 mins.


Visiting your site

Lastly, we will arrange for a local manager to visit you, to sanity check how many hours we think the work will take, and to cover off any practical questions.

This person may end up being the appointed manager, or line manager to the appointed manager. This is often more preferable to clients than only meeting sales people before you agree to use us.


The Cleaning Quotation document

Thereafter within two working days you will receive an email with a link, and this will reveal a detailed document with cost breakdown, testimonials, insurance details, cleaning spec and many other helpful items.

It will also include an acceptance form, preferred start date, invoicing/statementing details, preferred invoice frequency, and various other preferences.

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email and we can set up a pre-commencement meeting to easily mobilise the contract.

Those are the initial steps of what we hope will be a long and trusting relationship with you.