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Environmentally Friendly Office Cleaning: The Spotless Guide

Environmentally Friendly Office Cleaning: The Spotless Guide

Cleaning office spaces is a top priority for businesses, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Daily office cleaning is often a necessity to keep everyone safe and happy in the workplace. However, we can also acknowledge that modern companies, including ourselves, want to be environmentally responsible in our business practice. We strive to meet the needs of our clients while also taking steps to ensure our commercial cleaning is as eco-friendly as possible.


The Environmental Impact of the Cleaning Industry

The BBC's Science Focus has a summary page outlining the environmental harm of traditional cleaning products. These issues are not limited to water contamination, microplastics, health issues, and environmental damage, among many others. If a cleaning company is using these types of products regularly to clean commercial properties, it can lead to a lot of environmental harm. As a business, you shouldn’t have to choose between an unclean office or using environmentally damaging substances daily. This is why at Spotless we have stepped up to the plate to provide eco-friendly office cleaning to our clients.


Cleaning Products: Why we Use Bio Hygiene

We have teamed up with cleaning solutions provider Bio Hygiene to ensure the cleaning products we use are not harmful and unrenewable. Their biotech alternatives come from renewable and sustainable sources. They also have ingredients that are non-toxic to both human and aquatic life, and help stop plastic pollution.

For example, we use their All Surface and Floor Cleaner which is not only highly effective at cleaning but is made from natural ingredients, 100% biodegradable, and replaces a range of harmful chemical products.

But what we also really love about Bio Science are the reusable trigger spray bottles that we use over 100 times each, rather than having to re-purchase each time.

Our clients can trust that hiring our cleaning services ensures that not only will the office be spotless, but they will be helping reduce the environmental impact of their business operations.


Air Fresheners: Eco-Friendly Options

The media refers to traditional air fresheners having ‘aerosol’ to disperse fragrances around the air. According to NASA, the ‘aerosol’ in spray cans refers to the release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) when used. Chlorofluorocarbons damage the ozone layer and contribute to the ozone hole that currently exists. While we do still offer traditional aerosol air fresheners to our clients, we encourage them to look at our alternative offers that are aerosol-free. These new gel-based dispensers will still give you fantastic fragrances for the office and are also eco-friendly with advanced air freshening systems.


Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

There is debate in the cleaning industry over what is the best and most effective and eco-friendly option for drying hands in the washroom. We can supply our clients with both hand dryers and paper towels, and we would advise that the latest hand dryers that we can provide to clients are not only more ecological but are effective at keeping hands clean. In recent years, it was a concern that modern hand dryers spread germs around the air. However, with advancements in technology, we can offer clients hand dryers that are low energy for an overall smaller carbon footprint and have antimicrobial technology to combat bacteria and germs.


More Eco-Friendly Toilet Tissue

It may be the last thing on our mind to consider changing the toilet tissue in the office. However, in recent years, toilet tissue has been reportedly becoming less sustainable as people pursue ‘luxury’ toilet roll as outlined in this Guardian article.

This has led to a rise in deforestation and the thicker toilet paper is leading to more blockages in our sewer systems. We try to offer our clients more sustainable alternatives to better help the environment. For example, one of the toilet tissues we can supply is one sheet at a time, reducing paper consumption by 40%. It also is quick to disintegrate so that it will not contribute to large blockages. Making small eco-friendly changes like this to your washroom consumables will help you become more socially responsible as a business. See our services for washroom consumables.


Disposing of Office Waste Responsibility

As businesses, it is important to dispose of our business waste properly. Disposing of business waste improperly is socially irresponsible and can cause a bad reputation for your business. For example Funko, the popular plastic figurine producer is going to be throwing $30 million worth of excess inventory of its figurines to a landfill. This has led to a public backlash by sending it to the dump instead of alternatives such as donating.

Sustainable waste management is more important than ever for businesses. We supply waste management and disposal through our sister company Brightwaste.  Not only can they responsibly dispose of and recycle daily office waste, but they can also take unwanted chairs, electrical items, obsolete sales materials, etc.  All items taken are channeled responsibly, recycled where possible, and donated where appropriate.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading our blog on eco-friendly office cleaning. We are proud to be able to offer our clients eco-friendly alternatives for their cleaning.