You’re probably sitting in the dirtiest part of your office this very second. You’ve no doubt eaten in this place regularly. It’s the place where you spend the majority of your time. That’s right, the part of your office that gets the most dirty, is your desk. No one ever believes this, but your desk is actually home to 400 times as many germs as a toilet seat!

Most of these microbes are concentrated around your office phone, but the surface of the desk itself is also a breeding ground for harmful bugs just waiting to take you down – and the rest of your team with you!

This is why it’s so important to thoroughly and regularly clean your IT equipment, office desk and phone – as well as all other surfaces you come into contact with.

At Spotless Commercial Cleaning, we make these areas a priority in our office cleaning schedules, but there’s nothing to stop you giving your desks, keyboards, and phones a wipe down with anti bac in between thorough cleans.

What are the dirtiest office areas away from your desk?

When we move from space to space in the office, we take the microbes with us. In a post-COVID world, hygiene plays a huge part in how offices are run, and it’s now more important than ever to identify where germs are being transferred and to consider an anti-viral deep clean.

So, after desks, where are the next top germ hideouts in the office?

  • Door Handles and Lift Buttons

In a large office, people are coming and going all day. Some just pop in for a meeting or to drop off a parcel, some are getting ready to start a full day of work. Not every person that enters the office will have washed their hands (some, not even after they’ve been to the toilet!). Some of the people could have a cold, or worse, and they might not even know about it. As soon as a lift button is pressed or a door opened, those germs have been spread to that surface. Now imagine those surfaces have never been cleaned – and in many large buildings, they really haven’t been. So many office cleaners miss the door handles and lift buttons.

  • The kitchen

I’m afraid we’ve not got much better news for you on this front. One of the dirtiest places in the office is the one with all the food and drink in. And the worst offender is actually the place you’d probably think would be cleanest – the kitchen sink. Taps in office kitchens get a lot of use by a lot of people before hands get washed. That means they’re exposed to everything on your fingers that you want rid of. The sink receives all that gunk, which does get washed down but traces of old food can linger, which allows bacteria to thrive. Smelly sinks are a sign of a much bigger health and safety problem, but they can be avoided with thorough and regular cleaning of the office kitchen.

And the less we say about that tatty old washing up sponge, the better – replace it!

  • The toilet, of course!

Goes without saying really. Toilets are a high-traffic area in any office. Germs can be spread really easily. Toilet germs are also extremely harmful: e-coli is of particular concern here. That’s why most offices have a strict policy on toilet cleaning. Most places have some sort of schedule or rota in place to make sure toilet cleaning is covered, which means that on average, toilets end up being much cleaner than some other office spaces.

There will, however, always be exceptions and you can’t always monitor and enforce hygiene. But you can at least protect yourself, by always washing your hands and minimising your surface contact.

Need help with your office cleaning? We’ll get it sorted on a schedule that works for you. Call Spotless Commercial Cleaning for reliable, diligent office cleaning.