Commercial cleaning services are provided by a person or company that cleans for businesses such as offices, shops, factories, restaurants and bars. Cleaning services that are offered will vary, but commercial cleaning companies should have the equipment and staff available to carry out everything you need – from emptying bins and dusting desks to industrial carpet cleaning and window cleaning. At Spotless Commercial Cleaning, we pride ourselves on customer service, and will meticulously go through your requirements before commencing work for you – we’ll provide you with an individualised plan that meets all of your cleaning needs. But what can you expect from us as standard?

Typically commercial cleaning services should include:


  • Clean windows (inside and outside)
  • Clean all floors
  • Remove rubbish from desk bins
  • Dust all desks and reception surfaces
  • Clean toilets and replenish towels and toilet rolls


  • Clean fridge and microwave (inside and out)

6 Monthly

  • All carpets should be cleaned with an industrial cleaner.


We are also able to offer ad hoc services such as end of tenancy deep cleans, graffiti removal, after building works cleaning and gutter cleaning.

Why should you hire a commercial cleaner?

There are so many reasons to hire a commercial cleaning company. Let us break it down for you . . .

Saves you time
Time is money as they say and if you run a thriving business, it’s unlikely that you’ll get time to add cleaning to your list of tasks – let alone complete it! Your staff are employed for a specific purpose and usually cleaning, isn’t it! Even if you did want to try and cut costs by asking staff to complete cleaning under ‘any other duties’ – they’re unlikely to be professionally trained and skilled cleaners, like those you can expect from Spotless Commercial Cleaning.  It’s more productive and makes more financial sense to have your staff spending their time doing what they’re good at.  A commercial cleaner will arrive at your business premises when contracted to do so and will carry out all the jobs in their contract. This way you know all cleaning tasks are definitely completed every week to an impeccable standard. Commercial cleaning is often carried out when the office is closed, so they’re not in your way.

No need to buy cleaning equipment
You might have a sweeping brush, maybe a few old dusters and some polish, but if you employ commercial cleaning services, they will arrive with everything they need to carry out their work.  Depending on your premises and their contract this could include industrial carpet cleaning machines, water fed poles for cleaning high windows, floor polishers and all the cleaning fluids that are necessary to have your premises sparkling.

Insurance for peace of mind
Commercial cleaning companies should have insurance not if any breakages occur, but also to use their own equipment and work on your premises.  Are you staff insured to operate cleaning machinery?

A service you can rely on
A commercial cleaning company will have a number of professionally trained cleaners. That means they’ll be able to complete your regular cleaning contract even over the holiday season or if they experience staff sickness leave.  If you leave the cleaning to your own staff it’s likely to drop to the bottom of the list of when you are short-staffed during holiday periods or you are very busy. Your commercial cleaning company will simply send replacement cleaners on the right day at the right time.

Spotless premises
Maintaining a clean place of work is so important for so many reasons.  If you are customer facing, then it’s even more important for your workplace to be clean and fresh at all times. If it’s not, you could easily lose customers.  Your staff also need to work in a clean environment.  Research has shown that employees who operate in a clean workspace are more likely to work harder and less likely to be off sick.


At Spotless Commercial Cleaning, all our cleaners are experienced, vetted and background checked.  As much as possible, we use the same team to clean your premises every week so that they get to know exactly how you like things to be done and you will get to know them.  We will also provide you with a friendly central help desk that is always on hand. We are a net zero company and all of our products are eco-friendly.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements in detail or to arrange an appointment at your premises.