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Waste Management Services

It is easy to be oversold to when it comes to waste management.

And it is easy to maintain a supplier who may not have adapted their service to really suit your needs.

If you have more than 25% space in your containers immediately before they are picked up, you are likely paying too much. You are in effect paying for that 25% empty space!

Always remember too that Recyclable waste is cheaper to collect than General Waste as it requires far less processing.

Spotless can lift the lid (literally) and help you find the best outcome and best service for your premises – for your General Waste, Dry Mixed Recycling, Electrical Waste, Food Waste and even Security Waste.

Waste management services throughout the UK for all Spotless and non-Spotless customers

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“Always happy with service. I would be happy to recommend.”

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“Reliable and efficient.”

Need a Quote?

Keen to benchmark your waste costs? Or just want a fresh start with a fresh supplier?

  • Click the link below or email us at [email protected]
  • We’ll arrange a chat or a meeting to check if we’re a good fit for you
  • Once we understand your hygiene services requirements, you’ll receive a fully specified and illustrated quotation
  • If you want to proceed, we agree a date and mobilise the service (carefully co-ordinating it with the removal of existing services).

Why people love using our waste management services?

  • We actually own a waste company ourselves ( so we can pass on our very best tips and advice
  • We have a dedicated division to help maintain good service
  • We can send quarterly reports on carbon footprint and increased recycling
  • We have huge buying power, to ensure we pass on great costs for you
Recycling Services - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

Tips and Advice on Waste Management

  • Recycle more. It costs less to collect.
  • Check your bins immediately before they are collected. Check for contaminations and unused space.
  • Set up central bins in your office for General Waste, and for Paper, Cardboard, Plastics and Glass.
  • Always ask where your recyclable waste goes to. You might be surprised. And it helps motivate your office colleagues if they know.

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