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All carpets deteriorate over time. Even with daily vacuuming, dirty starts to accumulate at the base of the fibres, and spots, stains and traffic marks appear.

You can replace carpets at around £4-6 per square metre plus fitting (low end cost), or you can maintain them annually, normally at around £1 for the same area.

In any event, you will hugely prolong their life and improve their appearance, so that

Of course, different carpets require different methods, and we can advise on this. We can also advise on frequencies. You can create ad hoc arrangements, or agree a programme such as 6 month entrance areas and traffic marks, and annually throughout.

Our work is fully insured and can be arranged to take place over weekends, overnight, or at any time to suit you.

Carpet Cleaning Services - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“We are very happy with Spotless and would recommend them to anyone.”

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“Great service and the management team is very supportive. Easy to communicate and they are very accommodating of all business needs. I would definitely recommend Spotless to other businesses.”

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  • Once we understand your carpet cleaning requirements, you’ll receive a fully specified quotation
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Why people love using our Carpet Cleaning services?

  • We deliver almost all carpet cleaning with our specialist in-house technicians
  • Quick turnaround of quotation and helpful team
  • No additional security risk as we’re already approved for access, inside of out of hours
  • Specialist advice for specialist carpet

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