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Cleaning Surgeries

No other place of work requires as thorough cleaning as a Surgery.

Hygiene standards must be the very best. Patients come to surgeries to be healed, not to pick up bacteria and viruses caused by shabby cleaning.

A well cleaned surgery will pass all the necessary tests by the Care Quality Commission, and this is as important to us as it is to you.

Cleaning Surgeries - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“The quality of cleaning has been good, and the level of service from our client rep has been very good.”

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“The cleaning operative on site performs her duty to the highest standard. The Spotless Supervisor to site always attends the monthly KPI’S, and answers any questions I may have promptly.”

Need a Quote?

If you are thinking of reviewing your cleaning arrangements for this academic year, or next, here’s how to engage with us:

  • Click the link below, or email us on [email protected]
  • We talk and establish if we are a good fit for each other
  • We suggest some practices we have introduced elsewhere that might work for you
  • We provide some framework costings that fit your needs and budgets

Why Spotless love cleaning surgeries

  • We understand the needs of the Care Quality Commission
  • Regular quality auditing – collaborating with the client to find improvements
  • Sharing best practice and best cleaning methods from other surgeries. If it works elsewhere, we want to suggest it to you, too
  • A fresh look at your productivity. We generally work to 1,500 sq ft per hr, subject of course to the specification
Deep cleaning in commercial premises throughout the UK - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

The winning formula for cleaning surgeries

We’ve cleaned enough schools to learn what works and what’s to be avoided.

Our winning formula looks like this:

  • Understand need and budgets
  • Review existing work patterns
  • Review productivity rates
  • Review Health and Safety systems with thorough assessments
  • Develop trust with staff, so they love working for Spotless
  • Introduce a simple time and attendance system
  • Develop QA system with regular monthly scoring

And that’s only the start. From there, we observe, measure and improve, each year finding ways to take the pressure off your budget.

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Whether you need to reduce costs, improve service, or benchmark your existing supplier, we’re here to help.

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