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Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial spaces require specialist cleaning with emphasis on health and safety.

A cleaning company that fails to observe or understand health and safety, or who fails to work to a well thought through cleaning spec, will cause extra effort and cost.

The key is a good spec, good management of Risk Assessment, and regular auditing, with an actual ‘quality score’ awarded every month.

Industrial Cleaning Services - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“All the cleaning is done in a professional and efficient manner with minimal disruption to the workforce.”

5 Star Reviews for Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

“Very professional and friendly company with a high quality standard. Any issues that arise are resolved in timely and satisfactory manner.”

Need a Quote?

If you are thinking of changing supplier or moving to new premises, here’s how to engage with us:

  • Click the link below, or email us on [email protected]
  • We talk and establish if we are a good fit for each other
  • We suggest some practices we have introduced elsewhere that might work for you
  • We provide some framework costings that fit your needs and budgets

Why Spotless are a good fit for industrial cleaning

  • Competitive pricing and quick response times
  • Good management of Health and Safety
  • Regular quality auditing – collaborating with the client to find improvements
  • Additional management options of waste, hygiene, consumables, window cleaning and specialist cleaning
  • A fresh look at the right equipment
High level cleaning services throughout the UK - Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd

Thorough Health and Safety

For industrial spaces, we need to first discuss with you the risks, such as

  • Are there ‘no-go’ areas?
  • What footwear is required?
  • Are hi-vis jackets required?
  • What are your Safe Systems of Work?
  • Is there a lone worker risk?
  • Is specialist equipment required and specialist training?

With this established, we put together our Risk Assessment and Method Statements, and these become the foundation of our training – even if we TUPE over your existing staff.

With good expertise and a positive attitude, we want to ‘nail’ your cleaning. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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