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As our name suggests, we want our clients to enjoy spotless office environments, whether they are small businesses or big companies with multiple locations.

Retail cleaning

The UK is one of the most competitive retail environments in the world. So, today’s shoppers demand pristine shopping experiences and you should expect your commercial cleaner to deliver nothing less.

Industrial cleaning

Industrial facilities, particularly food manufacturers, have high cleaning and Health & Safety standards. We understand that you have to meet special standards of cleanliness and these can have an impact on production and profitability.

Education and Government cleaning

Clean environments are essential for teaching and government organisations so that staff can concentrate what they need to do. Cost effective cleaning contracts are essential.

Medical cleaning

All our medical cleaning processes, equipment and disinfectant products are carefully chosen and maintained to ensure clean, safe environments for patients, medical staff and visitors.

Hospitality and leisure cleaning

For more than 25 years, hospitality and leisure businesses like yours have relied on Spotless to deliver a range of cleaning and support services to meet high quality targets and keep your visitors happy.

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