What Does Commercial Cleaning Services Include?

Commercial cleaning services are provided by a person or company that cleans for businesses such as offices, shops, factories, restaurants and bars.

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Proud to be a Net Zero Company

Spotless Commercial Cleaning couldn’t be prouder to be a carbon neutral organisation. Net zero is of vital importance.

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What is your cleaning productivity rate? The Cleaning Nerd explains (People vector created by stories - www.freepik.com)

What is your cleaning productivity rate? The Cleaning Nerd explains

ALERT – This blog may be of interest if you are a purchaser of cleaning services, of if you are a cleaning nerd, like me.

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Covid 19 - Back to Work Post Lockdown Cleaning

Back to Work Post Lockdown Cleaning

As Lockdown 3.0 eases, you may tentatively be looking to get your staff back to work. Stay safe! And please let us know how we can help you.

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Spotless Blog Coronavirus Hero

Why Cleaning Companies must raise their game

Here is the Spotless 10 point plan being cascaded to our 50 Managers from Inverness to Southampton, and then on to our 1,600 staff as they return to work.

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10 Changes to Office Life – the new normal after lockdown

Spotless cleans over 1,000 offices throughout the UK. We see the office trends as they happen. We even advise our clients what other offices are doing and the successes they’ve had.

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Why we love Innuscience

Over the last 30 years, we’ve used various generations of cleaning products. In 2017 we moved to the Innuscience range, and it has been the best cleaning product we have ever used. Find out why.

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Spotless and COVID19

Please see below some FAQ’s to clarify our standpoint and assistance on COVID19 and how it will affect us all.

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Spotless Blog Coronavirus Hero

Coronavirus. 10 Steps to Mitigate the Risk

At the time of writing, no-one knows how the Coronavirus will affect us. It may be successfully contained out with the UK. Or it may wreak havoc on us. If we were to assess it in the same way we assess all other risks at work, I think we would class it right now as Medium Risk and High Severity. In other words, we all need a plan.

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