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Hygiene Rental Services

Hygiene units, air fresheners, vending units
Hygiene Rental Services

Hygiene Rental Services

Hygiene rental services are a minefield of complex choice and virtually inescapable contract terms.

If you order through us, the contract almost always sits alongside the cleaning contract, and can finish with just one month’s notice.

We offer advice to all clients on the suitability and options on the following services:

  • Hygiene Units – we help assess if you need them, what size and suitable collection frequencies. Pedal operated? Slim fit in small areas? Liner or unit replacement service? We can happily advise.
  • Vending Units – if you have 50+ staff, or have a lack of shops nearby, there are many options in the multi-vend vending machines. There are a wide variety of office hygiene essentials to choose from. Even shoe shine kits if you need them!
  • Air Freshener Systems – there are good systems and frankly there are some rubbish systems. We’ll guide you through the options, with a variety of fragrances to greet you at every visit to the washroom.
  • Water Management Devices. There are a number of devices we can recommend to help with water pressure, flush control and dripping taps. We would survey and make recommendations accordingly, either with our own staff, or the staff of our strategic partner.
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