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Education and Government

School, college and nursery school cleaning
Education and Government cleaning

Education and Government

Spotless has been providing cleaning services for education and government for over 25 years: to schools, colleges, councils and government departments.

A clean teaching environment is a key ingredient for successful learning, ensuring your staff can focus on their teaching and your students can concentrate on learning.

Our extensive experience of providing affordable cleaning services for councils and government departments means that cleaning is always done right first time. We understand your need for economy, so we always aim to develop our processes to increase efficiency and meet specific needs.

We can create a customised, cost-effective cleaning programme to meet your facilities’ specific requirements.

We are fully aware that security issues may be important components of your needs. Spotless always ensures that robust security processes are in place.

Spotless has a high level of quality accreditations with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Safe Contractor and Contractor Plus.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning materials and support recycling wherever possible. We even have our own recycling business, Brightwaste.

We’d be delighted to tender for your cleaning contract.

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