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Anti-Viral Deep Cleaning Service – UK wide service

Spotless offers 2 different UK-wide anti-viral sanitisation services
Spotless Anti-Viral Deep Cleaning Service, man in PPE

Anti-Viral Deep Cleaning Service – UK wide service

All offices premises, schools, warehouses and surgeries now have a heightened awareness for the need for sanitised surfaces.

Covid-19 is a threat to any place of work, and it is vital that appropriate measures are in place to minimise the risk of the spreading this and all other viruses.

Spotless offers 2 different UK-wide anti-viral sanitisation services. These are particularly popular and relevant to everyone in this Coronavirus era. The first is manual sterilisation, where a team of trained and experienced technicians will manually sanitise your offices, ensuring that as many surfaces as possible are sterilised, with particular attention to the usual touch points such as taps, flushes, handle, desks, chair arm supports, push plates etc.

The second method is our antiviral fogging service where we spray your place of work with a chemical that settles equally around even the non-wipeable surfaces, for that extra level of infection cleaning security.

Fogging Decontamination Cleaning using Zoono

In both cases above, we use Zoono. We recommend this as the simply best product presently in the market. It is ultra-gentle and does not use dangerous chemicals or alcohol.

But its best quality is that it is the only chemical to our knowledge that is effective up to 30 days on surfaces.

So instead of a weekly fogging service, we recommend 4 weekly decontaminations. The chemical itself literally costs over £100 per 5L, but the cost saving in reduced visits more than offset that.

The process is suitable for commercial, industrial, educational or healthcare premises, whether for precautionary purposes, or if there is a suspected or confirmed case.

For genuine independent feedback on Spotless, please see our Feefo ratings here, presently standing at 4.2 out of 5 based on 136 reviews.

Fogging and Decontamination FAQ’s

Will surfaces be wet, and will it damage IT equipment?
No, the spray is emitted in tiny microns that will not form a wet surface on IT or paperwork.

How soon can I return to the area to work?
We recommend you can return within 10 minutes.

Will the effect wear off once the surface is later re-cleaned?
No, routine cleaning can take place and will not disrupt the Zoono molecule or its molecular activity.

What prep work is required?
Our technicians will prepare the area, remove food, and will rotate items that are lying on desks and tables.

Is Zoono toxic?
No, Zoono is water-based, non-toxic and non-alcohol based, and provides unique proven and long lasting protection. It is odourless and colourless.

Do you have Risk Assessments, COSHH and Method Statements?
Yes, these are provided for all jobs with your quotation, and this includes how we dispose of all waste following a sterilisation clean, and in line with government standards.

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