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Your Strategic Partner

Why we like special relationships

Your Strategic Partner

For about a quarter of all our work we are actually contracted by another party to carry out work on their behalf.

Our aim for this work is always to enhance the partners brand and reputation. We want to make them look good. That means 100% performance and great communication and reporting.

This work breaks down into 3 areas, and each area has become a specialism for us:

FM Companies

We have several relationships with FM companies. They win the FM portfolio with a national client, and we work with them on the cleaning and hygiene services. Their bulk buying with us means terrific discounts, which means the end client can take a share in the savings.

We provide monthly reports on activity, finance, attendance, and health and safety, and meet regularly to review and improve.

Do you want an FM provider? Contact us for a recommendation.

Managing Agents

We have relationships with all the main Managing Agents, and are Tier One suppliers for several of them.

As with FM, it’s all about performance and communication. Invoicing must be accurate and response and resolution times must be quick.

When someone like Savills has a last minute urgent request, we know our place. Whatever it takes, we get it done.

Other Cleaning Companies

We like having friends within the cleaning business.

It is often the case that a large London or Southern based cleaning company may be asked to roll out their service to their clients UK-wide. With our roots in Scotland and strong coverage elsewhere outside London, we have become a popular strategic partner choice.

The main contractor often has a price framework and we fit around it. We downplay our brand and report all operational matters directly to our main contractor.

We’ve worked with Spotless for several years on multinational opportunities. We consider Spotless as a true strategic partner who will always have our best interests at heart. They add to our offering, and are a please to work with.

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