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Eco Awareness

Spotless Corporate and Social Responsibility

Eco Awareness

Eco awareness and social responsibility are ingrained in the Spotless ethos.

“How many company-sponsored charity bike rides or mountain expeditions does it take to prove we care?”

The answer is none!

While these activities have their rightful place, eco awareness, or social responsibility, at Spotless goes far deeper than putting a few pounds towards a fund-raising event.

“We promote respect and support as our core values in everything we do…”

Our commitment to the environment is based on creating a great working environment for our people who we promote respect and support in everything we do.

This commitment to a positive and inspiring work place culture sets us apart from most other cleaning companies; it also makes its mark on every member of the Spotless team, helping set the high cleaning standards which benefit our clients.

We also aim to operate and manage our resources in an efficient, environmentally responsible manner by monitoring and reducing any pollution from our cleaning materials and introducing environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. And, wherever possible, we minimise our consumption of fuel, energy and water, and recycle what we can.

We have even recently launched Brightwaste, a new recycling business.

Some may get on their bikes while others can take a hike, but we prefer to take our environment and social responsibilities a little more seriously than that.

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