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Attendance Management

How we track our staff on site

Attendance Management

How many cleaning companies actually know exactly when their staff are on site? How many can demonstrate that their cleaning staff actually spend their full time?

With Spotless cleaning staff it is an understood condition of their employment that they sign in and out electronically. This allows us to analyse attendance and report accordingly to clients.

Our preferred system of choice is Ezitracker. The cleaner arrives at work and freephones from an office phone. Our system recognises that number as the client site so we know the cleaner is genuinely at work.

The cleaner enters a PIN, and puts the phone down. And they do the same when they leave.

The system can even be used to set up alerts for cleaning staff who work alone. If they don’t sign in, it can raise a text alert. If they don’t log out, it also raises an alert.

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