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Associated Companies

Who else is in the Spotless Family

Associated Companies

You know Spotless as an office cleaning provider. But did you know that Spotless has two other ‘family’ members:

Brightwaste Office Recycling

We fully own Brightwaste, our waste management arm. If you want to recycle more, we can help. We collect all streams of waste, but crucially, we set you up with bin systems that really make recycling easier. The more you can recycle the lower your waste costs.

We provide refuse sacks, 1100 litre bins, 240 litre bins, glass recycling crates, bins for segregation and many other helpful recycling facilities.

Visit us at www.brightwaste.com for more information.

We also part own Brightwater, a licensed provider of business water and sewage services. If you haven’t benchmarked the cost of your water utilities recently, you might be surprised at the easy savings we can make. Brightwater offer typical savings of up to 25% on the standard industry tariff. We can easily turn around a cost comparison for you and switching is swift and effortless.

We are licensed only in Scotland (for now!) so please ask for a comparative cost.

Visit us at www.brightwater.com for more information.

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