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Above and Beyond

We all like a bit of recognition

Above and Beyond

Cleaners can be the invisible heroes of your office! This page allows us to recognise and praise your on-site Cleaner.

Simply fill out the form and we’ll pass on your thanks. Not only that but they may also qualify for a £25 bonus, a certificate of Above and Beyond!

Above & Beyond

Carlos Coloca

We specifically ask for Carlos to clear our boardroom on the Saturday after our `End of Month Drinks` as we rely on him to do a good job for us. Carlos has gone way above our expectations recently. I came into work this morning expecting to put away the clean wine glasses to a cupboard away from our kitchen, remove the plastic containers that held ice where we had beer & wine chilling (normally left full of water by previous cleaner) and also re-set the boardroom by moving the tables and chairs back into the room. This work was all done by Carlos. (this was never done by previous cleaner). I must also add, Carlos was aware we had an issue with the sink in the kitchen where water was not clearing quickly, and this was something else he did for us. He unscrewed the pipe and cleared away food etc that was blocking the pipe. We have also received assistance from Carlos when we had a late night conference finishing at 8pm, recently.

Nominated by: Debra Baird

James Morland

I just wanted to confirm our conversation about our cleaner in 2.1, James. He does a fantastic job in keeping the office clean and ensuring that, despite the best efforts of many of our staff, the kitchen remains not only hygienic but fully stocked. He always goes the extra mile to keep the office ticking and as many of our staff would walk out if the coffee machine stopped working his efforts keeping this going is massively appreciated. He is always positive and productive during his time in our office and we really appreciate his support.

Nominated by: Stewart Bremner
Lockheed Martin (Leidos)

Jackie Anderson

Could you please pass on my thanks to Spotless for the cleaning which has been done by Jackie (Anderson? – little Jackie) during the first week of the Easter break. She has cleaned the floors to such a good standard, even the Atrium floor is looking much better than it has been. She works really hard to keep the blue floors around the ERC side of the school looking good – which must be difficult for her as although the vinyl is new has been problematic since it was fitted.

I know John Docherty would also want to thank Jackie for all her hard work and the effort she goes to, keeping areas looking clean and presentable.

Nominated by: Debs McGrath
St Ninians High School

Sebastian Ziembinski

Spotless are amazing! You have made my days so much easier, now that I can reply on you and trust you to do the cleaning properly. Lorraine is a brilliant manager and is great at responding to us, and ensures things are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Sebastian our cleaner at Albany Street is the best cleaner we have ever had, and I cannot speak highly enough of him, he really is just amazing.

Nominated by: Rachel Manclark
Kingsford Estates

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