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5 Things we love

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5 Things we love

1. Quick Response for Customers

Our Helpdesk operates a 30-minute response time within office hours with a 4 hours resolution time (unless mutually extended). We aim to smash these targets, if you require assistance please contact our friendly helpdesk team via hereforyou@spotlessclean.co.uk or call 0330 094 7733

2. High Quality Scores

We provide regular Quality Audits for any client. Often the customer likes to complete these audits with us and we encourage them to do so. Sometimes they leave it to us but all QA’s are visible using the back end of our portal and can always be emailed on request.

If you’re QA isn’t what you expect we will create an action plan and Senior Management will be alerted and ensure that things are seen to appropriately!

3. Recognition for Cleaning Staff

We treat our cleaners with respect and kindness. We strongly believe that if you genuinely look after staff that they will pay it back with loyalty.

With a warm and friendly approach, we train all of our Cleaners creating valuable, high performing, engaged staff and satisfied clients. With TUPE we protect hard working members of staff and often welcome dedicated and experienced Cleaners to our Spotless family.

4. Incentive for Managers

Our level of service depends largely on the level of dedication of our Managers.

Our Managers are always carefully – in fact many of them come through the ranks as outstanding Cleaning Staff seeking new challenges.

Our shares scheme also allows Manager to own shares at a local level and receive dividends.

5. Predictable, Repeatable Processes

Our Spotless Operations Guide is our bible and it is how we run our business. It is a living, breathing document that charts our processes. It allows us to examine and improve our processes, therefore gives rise to innovative and creative thought.

This way we know that all regions run in the same way, delivering consistent results to our customers.

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